Google Analytics Merge With WordPress Websites 2020

Google Analytics Merge WordPress WebsitesStep By Step

[Google Analytics Merge With WordPress in simple steps]

In this post, I am going to share with you easy and very simple steps to merge your websites with google analytics. In this post, you are going to learn each and every step. I am also sharing with you the best and latest techniques so that you will never be confused about how to merge Google Analytics With your WordPress.

To merged both, I will part this post in two sections first for Google Analytics Setting and the Second is for WordPress Setting.

Google Analytics Setting for Merged WordPress

1. Decide your Gmail ID which you want to use with your google analytics, or you can simply create a G-mail ID.

2. Now search on google ‘Google Analytics’ or simply click here. Go to Google Analytics.

3. Log in with your Gmail ID, which email you want to use with your google analytics account.

4. Choose Your Gmail ID, then Click on Setup for Free.

Google Analytics with wordpress

5. Then we go to the Create Account where we will get three-step. Give your Account Name. and Scroll Down then click on NEXT.

Google Analytics Create Account

6. You will get there three-step, (1) Webs, (2) Apps, and (3) Apps and Web. In simple terms, If you want to merge google analytics with your WordPress website. Then, you need to click on (1) Webs. And Click on Next.


7. After clicking on Next, you will get Property Setup Options. In Property Setup, you will have to fill the form. First of all, give the property name, then select Industry Category from the given category. Also, select the Time Zone.

Google Analytics Property Setup
Google Analytics Property Setup

On behalf of the Time Zone, you will get the report. So select Time Zone of Your Country so that you can get the right report on the basis of your country’s time zone.

For India, I will type India in the category and I will get  (GMT+05:30) India Time. What currency you prefer to get the report, you can select simply, but US Doller (Recommended)

8. Then click on Create, Select terms and conditions, and click on I Accept.

Google ANalytics Property Setup

9. After that, you will get the Tracking Code, simply Copied it. and keep tracking code in notepad. I will tell you how you will simply paste google analytics code in WordPress in a very simple way.


The setting for Merged WordPress

1. In WordPress, You will have to in Plugin and Click on Add New.

2. Type there for searching ‘insert header and footer’

insert header and footer

3. activate this plugin.

4. Now, In WordPress, Go to setting and click on ‘insert header and footer’. In the header section on your Plugin, Paste Google Analytics Tracking Code, that you have kept in your notepad. And Save.

Hurray! Your Google Analytics is Live Now.


How do I integrate Google Analytics into WordPress?

This is the simple question that I have an answer in detail and a very simple word. I wrote in this post about how to integrate Google Analytics into WordPress. All the steps for integrating tracking code with your WordPress websites are written in this way, as a normal man can merge this activate google analytics.

Why do we integrate Google Analytics With WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System), which is used to create websites. But how can we know who is coming from where in my sites. How will I get the information, about Visitors? For interacting with Visitors who are using our sites, we integrate Google Analytics With WordPress.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is Web analytics, that tells about our websites and apps in free. This tells us to live user interaction with our sites. Google Analytics is acquired by google from Urchin in 2005.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System. Which gives you ready-made plugins and themes to also a platform where you can create websites, run websites, and earn money. WordPress is one of the such Content Management System Which is used by the majority of the people.

What are the benefits to merge google analytics with WordPress?

There are numerous benefits of merging google analytics with WordPress.

  • Google Analytics gives absolutely Free Web Analytics Services.
  • Google Analytics Collect data automatically, there is no need for human activation, once you have activated.
  • It tells you Real-Time Data.
  • It also gives you the in-depth information of your visitors.
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