DM Somnath – Digital Marketing Trainer & B/S Consultant

DM Somnath – Digital Marketing Trainer & B/S Consultant

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This article is based on DM Somnath – Digital Marketing Trainer & B/S Consultan

How DM Somnath became the digital marketing trainer and business consultant. This is a piece of complete information about dm somnath story step by step. Also, you will get to why or why not digital marketing is good for you. Which part of digital marketing is more important or which part is less important with reasons.

Somnath, Known as DM Somnath
Born on November 26, 2000
Born in Delhi, India
Bachelor of Commerce
Digital Marketing Trainer
Business Consultant
Founder and others

Life from School to Digital Marketing Trainer

Actually, till 12 class, DM Somnath was unaware of digital marketing, but I was in network marketing. There are 2 things which helped me a lot first one is network marketing and the second one is English communication skills.

“If you want to be good communication, network marketing can help you.” by DM Somnath


English communication also one of the good skill which played a major role in his life.

My Digital Marketing Class after 12th

I took a digital Marketing course and got the certificate from there as well as google also


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